RBSoluzioni S.n.c.
Via Demedici 27, 28043 Bellinzago Novarese
P.Iva 02312970035
Tel. +390321927336

About us

Through our long work experience in this field, we can provide our client a technical support in order to solve daily problems of a company. Complete project of panels for industrial automation, setting up of electrical drawing and part number list. Complete software for Custom plants, specialized in electric cable field for communication and energy. Software for revamping of plants built with relay sequences with PLC implementation. HMI programming, and creation of graphic interfaces for touch screen panels. Software modifications of existing plants.

• Technical support
Our support is not restricted to RBSoluzioni plants. We offer a wide range of possibilities in particular about the cable field, in which we have a long partnership experience with the most important Italian and foreigner machine constructors.

• Experience
Our experience covers the whole production cycle of the cable field: starting from raw materials in continuous casting plants, then through shaping or drawing, annealing and stranding and coating processes, to manual and automatic winding. We offer further experiences in various sectors, constantly searching for new applications.